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Dina Wein Reis Has Always Covered Her Hair For Religious Reasons

September 05, 2015

Dina Wein Reis has long been known as a successful entrepreneur. She has always believed that her pursuits can help to make the world a better place. She has worked towards that end in multiple ways over the years. One of those ways she has gone about doing this is to work on helping incarcerated prisoners in the United States to gain access to healthy eating alternatives. The idea for this effort came on the back of her own transformative journey, which occurred after she became a vegan. She experienced numerous positive benefits after making the change and wants to see to it that prisoners have the same access to healthy foods that others do. Creating positive changes in prisoners will help prisons and help society in general. She has received help on this project from both Daniel Levy and Martin Boyce.

Another way Dina Wein Reis has worked towards creating a better world is that she has donated wigs, and worked to ensure others would donate wigs, to organizations who would get them to women who have lost their hair from chemo-therapy treatments due to cancer. As a deeply religious woman, Dina Wein Reis has always covered her hair for religious reasons. So, she understands that women often get strange looks when they cover their heads or when their hair is not visible.